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Case: Toe Inflammation

One day at noon, a mother told me that her husband’s fourth toe on his right foot was inflamed for no reason. She was worried because the redness and swelling seemed to start spreading to the sole. Her husband used to be a hot person, but he was then feeling chilly. He was also very tired. The symptoms were very similar to those of the homeopathic remedy Ledum. I then asked him if there were other factors that made him feel better or worse. He said that cold application made him a lot better, so it was clear that Ledum was the correct remedy.

After a dose of Ledum 30C, the swelling and pain lessened. It became worse again at night time, so another dose of the same remedy was prescribed. Since I didn't receive the patient's message in the morning of the following day, I called and asked him how he was doing. The patient told me happily that the redness and swelling had already receded 80%. In that evening, he messaged me that the inflammation had completely disappeared.

(The above information was published with the consent of the patient)

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