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Case: Dermatitis and Ear Infection of a 7-year-old Dog


A 7-year-old Shiba Inu named Wong Choy suffered from dermatitis and chronic ear infection for 5 years.

Wong Choy had low energy and also suffered from obesity and poor coordination. His skin was worse in wet weather. The dog did not have the playful temperament of a typical Shiba Inu. The guardian said that Wong Choy looked depressed and always loved to hide inside the bedroom in the evening. Three days after taking one dose of homeopathic remedy Calcaria Carbonica 200c, the smell from the dog's ears stopped and he no longer cried out from pain when his ears were touched. He started to move around with more energy.

Before treatment (left); After treatment (right)

One week after taking the remedy, the rash on his face began to subside, followed by other areas – his chin, underarms and paws. Two to three weeks later, new hair grew out from the affected areas. In addition to the successful treatment of the ear infection and skin disease, the dog's guardian was surprised to see the deep changes that happened – Wong Choy became more cheerful and lively. Now he is delighted to come when called!

Before treatment (left); After treatment (right)

(The above information and photos were published with the consent of the dog's guardian)

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